The Rangers gathered for the yearly preseason festivities in fine fashion! Crews performed the regular work in the hills, as others got the camp in condition for the upcoming backcountry pursuits.

A feast of yardbird and ribs was consumed, with copious amounts of adult beverages as well.

NO CHEAP FIREWOOD WAS CUT – however it was brought to table that “organic firewood” sold at fair market price may be considered for next year….and not a penny less!

Chip wins the first “F your buddy” game, which half +/- was “donated*” to the camp fund.

Ray attains “Trailhugger feels earthquake and flies off the chair” status, and proclaims much affinity for Ftroop.

* – Donated = forcibly removed from the pocket of said winner with much humiliation during removal.

Feel free to add comments as you wish, for those who attended.

4 Replies to “WORK WEEKEND 2013 A SUCCESS!”

  1. Now that work week end is over, its time that you dildos remember that I need a call or I’ll take an e-mail if your coming up to huntin camp.
    E-mail by Wednesday AM or by phone that nite.
    Den Ma Ma

  2. upon my exit to the main road at the end of work weekend, jr. hobbit and I had quite the experience. We stopped at the main road, looked right and nothing, looked left and there were two things, a woman walking her dog and behind her a ways was a motorcycle with a side cart. Thinking nothing of it i pulled out left and proceeded home. About 100yds down the roa ,the woman, the sidecart moto and myself all passed eachother. As we passed, jr. hobbit and i looked back and we saw a dog in the side cart jump out toward the womans dog and proceed to get dragged down the road by its leash. floppin around a bit by its tether, the moto finally stopped and the woman had her hands against her mouth and thats all we saw, needin to get home i just kept on drivin.

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