10 DAYS!

10 days left boys till we chase mules across the lands again!

New business to be considered:

It appears that several (actually one) member(s) of the esteemed FAMHC (Friday Afternoon Men’s Hunting Club) who has been on “Special Probation”, will not be able to hunt on Friday’s again based on his current physical condition. IF said member attended ANY ONE of last years FAMHC events (see rule 33[b]iii), consideration for continued membership would have been contemplated. Now, that being said, since a valid doctors excuse will most likely be presented (or death – which is good as always) – it (FAMHC membership) most likely will be revoked until a satisfactory result is attained, based on last years lack of attendance.

Active current member’s in good standing will convene for council, on WEEK TWO – first Friday. Location is to be kept secret.

Watch out for flying wrenches and sockets Joe! 🙂

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