Now we need to figure out where just where is…we “go” to?!

See Polecat’s reply, all looks good!

Toucher says his knee was “hurt” playing with his endless pile of firewood. Sort of like Stosh’s roof it appears. Will he show up and keep the Denmama company? We’ll see!

From your Denmama: (unedited version):

“Attention all Rangers
Its a go for this week end May 4. We walked in yesterday (4/28/13) Could have drove. Stil mushy at the camp. The weather looks GOOD. No snow on the north side of Irondatwat.
Call me ASAP if you can make it.
I have my doubts about the Toucher. He’s got the love bug bad. Last year it was a deck, but he still managed to slither down to Albany for a pipe cleaning. I wonder how many week ends he’ll miss this huntin season.I’ll call him anyway.
Bring your own beer. I forgot to see how much Gin is left.
Den Ma Ma”

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