Is on hold till Digger puts up some photo’s. Ya better hurry because I’m starting to forget what happened and I’ll make it all up!

FRIDAY:A strong turnout (except Toucher, who was once a member in good standing) of the FAMHC results in a big push from the top down to Billy’s watch trail. Snow is present creating a confusing mesh of mule tracks that seems to made by several hundred mules, or one very hyperactive one. Probie pushes one down from Camp Knob, which apparently has been trained by F-troops elite crew (not including Toucher) and reverses course in the direction from where the drive commenced. Lots of sign, but no tails seen!

SATURDAY:The crew, (now including the now probationary F**K Toucher) takes of to lands far away to see if the Beast O’ Mighty would like to engage in a round of “hide and see mules”. Replicating the previous drive where Polecat got his buck last week, mules were pushed, as evident from the melted tracks that once again abound. Not one tail was seen however. On the descent to camp and cold beer, Robba decides to one last drive through Piney knob and the Knolls. As with the results from hide and see deer hunt, not one tail was seen.

SUNDAY:A tired and disgusted crew has had enough. A clean camp was the result of Sunday’s activities, with the Denmama returning to regular camp duties; as once again directed by HIS denmama!

afterthoughts:As the rock star Bob Segar sang in a popular song, “The Fire Down Below”, it appears the Toucher has been burnt by said fire, to the third degree. Not one FAMHC event was attended by the Toucher, who’s lackadaisical approach to the esteemed club warrants his placement on a probation so severe that it can’t be labeled. Will he ever be back in the FAMHC good standing? As far as we know, he’s hiding somewhere behind a 55 gallon waste oil drum in the shop! He won’t even post! Council was held, his fate is now in his hands, besides other “items”.

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