Friday: Leaddog arrives to a winter wonderland, akin to the contents of a snow globe. No F-troopers present yet, so a decision to stay “local” based on the weather conditions was made. A nice walk to, and a four hour stay at the 10pt corner watch resulted in a possible case of snow blindness, which was soon intervened by Steven who decides to prowl the area near Piney Knob. Small drive to each other were made, with Leaddog jumping a doe, which decided to do the loop-de-loop back to Piney Knob.

Saturday: The crew decides to look for the abominable snow man on the top of Twin Lakes Mtn. In fine fashion they crawled all over the hill like Spike on the couch. Tracks galore of both beasts, deer and bear were observed everywhere. Scrape and runs abound, but not one mule or bruin was seen. Leaddog feels many eyes from the cliffs on the mountain watching as the ramp was hunted, but said bruins were too scared to engage. Three F-troopers finally earns their Twin lakes Mtn summit badge, with Probie asking himself once again; “why do we do this?”

Sunday: A drive on Liz was in order for the day. Robba and Steven makes through Beaver Valley to the top of Liz in record time, to come over to watchers placed about the Piney Knob area. Hobbit kicks three flattops early on, and all engage in seeing mules at one point or another. Apparently, one probable buck was seen coming off the hill through the Knolls, so drive two consisted of a modified Ir-on-der-twat assault, with mules observed, and disappeared as fast as they were seen.

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  1. I finally saw a deer on the last drive on Sunday! First one this year. If all the guys show this weekend we should have a big crew. I smell a Stay Away excursion in the works! Chip, pay first then you can come. Bring lot’s of compasses, socks, matches, batteries and granola bars just in case!

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