Week One

Saturday: The crew assembles and donning gore-tex assaults the mountains once again! Drivers push the Meadows to Billy’s watch trail, with flags flyin’ in the opposite direction. Drive two results in the locating of fresh buck rubs and many does dispersing throughout the surrounds. Many mules were spotted by all, with the crew vowing to return on Sunday to find antler topped mule. Chip entertains the crew by learning the most common navigational blunder that most have encountered, the circle walk. But one mystery remains, how does one walk in a circle back to the starting point, when the mission was to stay on the assigned elevation between two other drivers? Dark was ensuing when the Chipster was finally talked in by Denmama via radio. The rest of the crew was so worried, that we all got into evening wear and slipped into a dry martini. A new term may be added to the F-troop dictionary – “The Chip-about”, the term when Chip decides to solo navigate (if “navigate” is correct) the woods! Let’s see how a Chip-about works in the Stay-Away country….. 😉

Sunday: Crew assaults doe infested area, which appeared to have resulted in a re-infestation of the other mountain when the mules decided to vacate the area of interest. Mountain two was attacked, does flying about as always, but no buck. Chip saw his very first deer, a doe; where he was placed on watch.

2 Replies to “Week One”

  1. Chip must have been using Polecat’s GPS that should be thrown over the bank. Or maybe he wasn’t lost but was with “Slost” roaming the countryside. I can see the definition of “Chip-about” like a commercial for Fosters beer – “Australian for lost”. You had the right idea about the martini. You were preparing for his rescue like a St. Bernard in the Alps with a barrell of gin around his neck. Although I still can believe it. Chip actually stayed on watch?

    Over –

  2. You read my mind with the Fosters…
    And Prepared we were!
    Yes, he stayed. He had no choice..I tied his ass down with an old logging chain!
    (Which he dragged TO the watch!)


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