2010 Fourth Weekend Post Report

Friday: Toucher and Leaddog musters in the dark to recon lands far away. Leading the way with headlamp, Toucher gets a jump and is on the hill before actual sunrise. Leaddog follows and is in position in said lands far away. The two advance recon specialists hunt as if it was a TV show! Sneaking about, discovering that a mule of voluminous size is in the area. Scrapes, rubs and sign abound. Although the recon was uneventful, it was determined that the strike team will be summoned to extricate said mule from his environ. As the recon team leaves the area at 1500hrs, Polecat and his volunteer is heard on the radio, requesting that the two specialists push up to them on the “Thumb”. When the specialists complete said drive, an unexplained event occurs. When Leaddog completed his task, a walking sound was head not but 20 yards in the spruce behind him. Cracking sticks and steps are heard, and a quick hoot to what was supposed to be Toucher was conveyed. No response, as Toucher is still 300 yards away. Found only 100 feet away was a brand new rub……. :-O

Saturday: Strike team “Alpha” enters woods to harvest beast and get lots of exercise. All converge on Stayaway mountain and the surrounds, and hunts as if this was the last beast on earth. Lindy pushes several mules form his portion, to the bottom where Digger just left. One beast of very large stature was observed sneaking into the the cover. All discovers new and exciting haunts within the strike zone. More sign of mules observed and noted. All walk out in fine fashion with no lamps required due to clear skies and bright moon. Robba gets…earns…his “impenetrable wall of witch hobble” AND his “peninsula hunt” badge!

Sunday: Crew hunts “Bunny Hill”. Usual drive, with one exception. Leaddog abandons routine, boring, stupid watch that has never produced anything, and climbs higher to next level where views are better. Drive is executed with precision, all members performing as usual. Polecat comes out to Leaddog on new watch and decides to go low and investigate shots from the lowland. Leaddog stays up on watch, listening to the action as does are observed. One coyote is seen by Leaddog and Probie. The drive commences on to part two, the big hill. Leaddog decides to lag behind and let everyone go on. Probie also does the same, but up high. Digger was the last to be seen leaving, and in no less than 5 minutes a report from Lindy declares a does is now on the move to Digger, but veers down to Leaddog. Leaddog gets excited to actually see a f’n deer finally, and hears it walking down the hill 200 yards away. But something is peculiar is about this mule….IT HAS HORNS! The beast-o-mighty now walks s-l-o-w-l-e-y towards Leaddog as if it had a death wish. Noting the increasing size of said rack the beast walks within 40 yards of Leaddog, who then places the new red-dot right in the “kitchen”. Sending it (the bullet) off, it appeared to have taken a sharp left or right turn just before the target. A second shot was then sent, but now the f’n thing jams and no third shot could be sent. The beast of no less than eight to ten points is donning body armor and has escaped what was a supposed to be textbook shot. Digger and Leaddog confirm said lousy shots, no sign of a hit.

  • Bucks: 0
  • Does: 2
  • Flags: 0
  • Misses: 1

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