2010 Fifth Weekend Post Report

Friday:Polecat, Robba and Leaddog gets into camp Thursday night, with Robba earning his Thursday hunt badge. All head up into Beaver Valley with images of the Hartford Elk in their heads. Polecat and Robba hunts to the Split Rock Camp, with Leaddog pushing the Thumb towards them. Tracks abound, scrapes noticed on the end of the Thumb with a new bed that appeared to have been recently vacated. As Leaddog approaches the two near the first objective, a mysterious event once again occurs: While the two are conferring, they hear a walking noise, with stick cracking just out of their sight. (See Week Four Friday Hunt), When the radio is used to summon Leaddog’s whereabouts, it appears that this walking noise was not him, as he was several hundred yards away still. The mystery “beast” once again stumps the crew! Bear? Deer? Sasquatch? Billy? No one knows! The crew hunts to the moose rub and surrounds. No mules observed, and the scrapes that were once active are now unattended. Beast O’ Mighty is chasing and tending his does!

Saturday:Crew of 8.5 Rangers assaults No-Name and the Bunny Hill in an attempt to harvest the body armored mule that evaded Leaddog’s bullets last week. Does pushed all about, but no buck in the mix. The Bunny Hill was covered by the crew like Liberals waiting for a handout. Does once again sprouts wings and tunnels through the hill. Robba locates a runway where the beasts have two options in their attempt to escape. This location was duly noted, and a watcher will be placed there next time. Probie as seen in the photo, earns his “Sandpit and Bunny Hill” Badges…..as a true engineer as he is…he was inquiring as to where the keys to the heavy equipment were located.

Sunday:Crew decides to confuse the mules by hunting the Bunny Hill in reverse. The only observation was the hill being viewed from a different direction. Crew splits and watchers are deployed to the Knolls, where the drive ended in fine fashion; at Leaddog’s stump watch. Chip decides to “recon” the stream right past the cable on his fastidious exodus from the woods….thus leaving a trail of fire behind him that could be seen from the International Space Station. 😉

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