Friday: Leaddog and Steve hunts from northern remote access point. Polecat and Robba meets expeditionary crew in Raven’s Ridges from other remote access point. No deer, two inches of snow proves deer are somewhere else at the moment. Does encountered on Hooter Ridge at end of hunt.

Saturday: Entire crew commanded to go on forced march/hunt to favorite remote area. Mules encountered on remote mountain, and in other places. Robba and Steve accesses said area from yet another remote access point. Bears active. Bucks still appear to be on vacation. Egress made with assistance of headlamps for most.

Sunday: Day of “rest” for crew. Operation “Bunny Hill” commences. Crew pushes does from one bunny hill, several appear to sprout wings and flies off mountain. Second bunny hill results in the same.

Synopsis of Weekend Three: Lack of scrapes and rubs….NO RUT YET!

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