It is almost that time of year again. The dates are set: September 22 & 23. I hope the weather is better than last year. Den MaMa started making room for us three weekends ago. He has alot of “Stuff”! 🙂 I’lll see you boys there!!!!


3 Replies to “WORK WEEKEND 2007”

  1. ALERT!

    What people will do t get out of work weekend….

    From the Polecat….

    Raven has a “broken leg”…or close to it. It appears that he’s out for work weekend and possibly a good part, if not all of the hunting season. 🙁

    This is not good for the Rangers, or aka “FAMHC”…..

    If this is the case, he still has to pay the extra for not showing up on work
    weekend. (we know where “sympathy” is”)

    Details to follow.

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