Sixth Weekend a Bust

With above normal temperatures, clear skies and lots of sun, hunting was tough this past weekend. Nine men hunted Saturday and Sunday, saw lots of Does and Turkeys, but no Bucks!
After shooting his buck on the Fifth Weekend Robba has now found his new passion, shooting pictures! Once I get the Gallery up and running I will have to add a album just for Robba because he is hooked!
Since this was Turkey weekend some guys got up to camp early. But only one member of the esteemed FAMHHC entered the woods. Leaddog was the lone hunter, while two other card carrying members arrived in camp around noon, and hunted the driveway, from the table, in close proximity of the beer. By the time the rest of us arrived, it was clear they had been “hunting” very hard! Leaddog comments:

Every one (except for me) of the members of the esteemed club FAMHHC is now on super secret double probation….and if you possess a “cross the creek badge”, it may be revoked at ANY time….. 🙂

You guys know who you are, and have been cited!
While Leaddog was in the woods on Friday he picked up radio transmissions from some “Less experenced” hunters from the other side of the lake who were trying to locate one of their buddies. He reports via email:

you guys ain’t gonna believe this…..that citiot we all heard was on
the opposite side of “the lake”, on the rd that crosses rt X from the
Wxxxx Sxxxx rd…..the section of land is diamond shaped and is about
1.1 miles long and is almost a whopping ½ mile wide…..and is loaded
with tax parcels. it is completely landlocked by county roads….Rt X
and Co Rt XX….

Citiots are funny!

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