Leaddog straps on snowshoes, makes it “All The Way To The Notch!”


Leaddog reports the conditions are very favorable for ‘shoeing, with two plus feet of warmy changy stuff in the lowlands of the Happy Huntin’ grounds.  He did a recon loop of the bunny hill and was aided by a fabulously snipped out trail to the summit. Headed all the way to the notch!, then over the big hump to the treestand and out. No mule tracks were observed, smaller critters were here and there. Coyotes seem to be spending their nights dancing around the ancient ice rock at night. Pics of said expedition are attached.

P.S – If you zoom in on the pic of the burning hollowed out tree you can see all the way through it. Sorta like looking back through the last 8 years of hell and seeing light. Look really close and you will see Trump standing there welcoming you to the other side!



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  1. Hey is that the “Notch”? 🙂 Leaddog….did you have any 2 year old tube steaks, and 10 year old rolls? Nice pics though.

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