Work Week-end

Work week end is coming up. Lots of wood to cut for sale. I have one tree that came down on my camp during the winter we can cut up to sell.
See ya all in September (I think it’s still the last w/e in Sept. but is it Sept 23 & 24

Coyotes and You

While hunting up north this season I saw my first coyote. I would have taken it, but a fellow sport was in the line of fire. As I stood down and watched him run by I relized I didn’t know much about the coyote. If you want to learn a little about the coyote, then check out this link that Leaddog submitted:
The Coyote in New York State
Now I know a little background information on the coyote. I also know that the next time I see one in the woods, I am going to drop it where it stands.

2005 Season is Over

Well boys, That’s It!! The final total is 3 Bucks for the ’05 season. A recap of the season is on the way. I cleaned up the site a little bit today. The countdown to next season has been started. Tommorrow I will get the recap started, you guys will have to fill in the second and third weekends because I wasn’t there. I also want to get the gallery integrated into the site as soon as possible. Check back for updates!