Squirrel’s Beware!!!!

I just received my shiny new GAMO Big Cat 1200 from Cabela’s today thanks to some B-day gift card’s. I have had it with trying to handle my vermin problem humanly! I have tried everything to keep the squirrels out of my garbage cans with no success. It’s time they met their maker. Once I get it sighted in, there won’t be a squirrel within 40 feet of my bathroom window! 🙂
Hey Leaddog, know any good squirrel recipes?


5 Replies to “Squirrel’s Beware!!!!”

  1. I was gonna save the hind legs all summer and freeze them. Then if we do chicken wings this fall we can fry those for spike!

  2. Now that’s a great idea! Save the whole critter, in pieces of course, and we’ll pickel them in some nasty brine, and Spike can have the whole jug!!!!

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