Great Snomosexual Migration

Sunday I headed up to Lower basecamp to remove 24″ of warmy-changy from the roof(which resembled F-Troop phase seperated al a mode) and perform routine maintenance on WxFTR1968. Being President’s Day weekend I knew it was peak Snomosexual season and sure enough before I was done shoveling out my watch two came right to me. Several more soon followed but stayed out of view of the camera. Polecat, Robba, and The Toucher accompanied by their Den Mama’s took off for a short loop. While out they were going to do some distance measuring in relation to last years spring hike. Robba will have to report back if said experiment took place.

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  1. Snow has shit the bed. Mud holes are open. Sleds are going to bed.
    Plenty of ice on the lakes but the trails in between are shot. All clubs have closed their trails.

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