2022 Week Two

The first FAMHC is in session with one member representing the Club. Steven shows up later to maintain membership in this secret society. Leaddog spends the day all alone prior to Steve’s arrival, bagging several well know watches which were found to be in very good shape – leaves are down but very crunchy. At the end of the day, Leaddog finds no less than 10 rubs in a specific area, where Steven is now on watch. Nothing offers itself at this point for the grill and freezer, and both leave the woods to inform the gang that mules are actually present.

A base crew is assembled, and a push from the other side to back to camp is planned in the area of the rubs. Watchers set, drivers are driven and all goes as planned. Some sign is seen up high, with mules giving their acoustical presence to the drivers. But as usual – nada.

The crew hunts somewhat local in the area of the rubs again. High guys and low guys scramble all about, scrapes are seen but have been not refreshed, (which will most likely be on Monday….) The day is warm, leaves dry and crunchy inhibiting any possibility of a worthy hunt. Lovestruck Romeo is FO (First Out) and apparently melted the asphalt during his egress down to the flatland. Road crews will be busy with asphalt replacement…. 😉
Digger and Leaddog will assault the backcountry this coming Friday to verify if the Ancient Beasts O’ Mighty are still alive…. Hopefully Robba and Steven will assist later in the day by closing the “backdoor”….stay tuned!

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