Leaddog has the woods to himself, due to sad events in the flatland. After warming the camp, a recon walk ’round one of the mountains is in order – which was just that. Mule tracks were seen, some old, some new – no makers of said tracks presented themselves during the five mile trek. A fresh coating of snow assisted in showing the Leaddog which way they were traveling, in the opposite direction of his travel – as always.

With a almost full compliment of Polecat’s Rangers sans Digger and Probie, a hunt up the valley and a return on the other side results in a few does and flags observed, with some sign observed. Dr. Pork and his trusty sidekick Wallyhood (with his crossbow) makes their yearly appearance, and gets on watch at the end. No mules are pushed to anyone….why do we do this again?

Since nothing of value was observed over the past two days, a new location was chosen to hunt. Leaddog takes the high route on top due to Digger having the Hong-Kong flu and staying home to recuperate. Immediately, mules are found and pushed! Off the top past Polecat to Robba, something of size crashed its way down hill. Other flags and does are seen scrambling about, two Rangers have actual visits by does who wanted to sit on watch with them ! 😉 Food is in abundance in this portion of the happy hunting grounds, beech and oak offers a feast – and the gang will give a little “attention” to this area.

Coming later this week, another attempt at the Alaskan extended five day stay to roam to places where we shouldn’t be! Hopefully the warmy-changy snow event of last year will hold off, at least until we’re at the farthest point from camp – as always!

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