Spring Hike 2019

Our Den Mama has sent the official email announcing the date of May 18 for this years great expedition. A redo of last years misguided tromp is in order. Picture above pretty much sums up how we all felt during last years attempt. Hopefully conditions will not push our Gore-Tex to it’s limits again. For a refresher of how much fun we had last year go here:Spring Hike 2018

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  1. The 2018 pics are a true indicator of the real F Troop. Soggy wet with a bon fire and the dogs of death.
    I’m proud of you dildos so I ordered a whole can of heavy duty tent water proofing for my gore tex. I probably wont be able to bend the knees or arms once it dries but I wont be soaked like the 2018 death march. Friday nite dinner will be at the Ox Bow at 6PM or till the Toucher gets there.
    BOYB (gin). I’ll bring the beer at $1.00 a can so dont bring your own beer or I will fine you. You will go to Gitchygoomy.
    You ever loving Den Ma Ma

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