Well boys, it’s almost here!

Time to chase the fat off of the Mules once again , as well from ourselves!

Who will attend the opener? What’s for dinner? Where will the first hunt be?

Will Chip remember his key to the trigger lock?

All this and more on the next season of 2015 “Troop in da’ wood”

Comments are appreciated…..

2 Replies to “OPENING DAY!”

  1. Will someone take the coveted A$$Hole of The Year award away from Chip?
    Will Stosh show up this year?
    Will this be the year Probie finally gets off probation?
    We shall see in just a few days! Stay Tuned!

  2. I will be making an appearance this weekend to meet the minimum requirements to maintain probationary status. I hope to sleep til 9 and have brunch on the veranda. Then the Sherpa’s will guide us into the woods to hunt the elusive white tail followed by martini’s in the parlor for celebration. Then I will wake up feeling like shit and saying “Never Again”.

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