2014 NYS Sporting Licenses Changes

Starting February 1, 2014 a new Sporting License fee structure goes into effect. A few examples are the price for Annual Resident Fishing has gone from $29 to $25 and Annual Resident Hunting as gone from from $29 to $22. Combination licenses like the Sportsman, Super Sportsman, and Conservation Legacy will no longer be available. No more discount for buying both. The dates have also changed gone is the October 1 – September 30 and is now September 1 – August 31 for Hunting licenses. Annual fishing licenses purchased after February 1st are now good for 365 days from date of purchase. You can view all the changes on the DEC website here: 2014 Sporting Licenses Changes.
For most of us in camp who used to buy the Sportmans will not see a change in price (for now) but we will now have to purchase two licenses instead. Fishing licenses purchased as part of a Sportsman last year are still valid through September 30, 2014.

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