Stosh is alive and well!
Stosh is alive and well!

From the roaming field reporter Digger, rumor has it that the Ftrooper known as Slost, who is Smissing – has been sighted at a local swill-eatery location.

Will he return to hunt this year? Where has he been? Is the roof finally done? Is there a new project in the works?

These and more questions from our inquiring minds are to be answered soon hopefully.

Until then, hunting is still on this year……starting in October…Slost!

I spotted the elusive “Not in good standing” F-Trooper at Ruby Tuesday’s in Crossgates Mall this past weekend. According to Stosh the barn roof is complete. Finally! Now the house roof was in need of repair. Of course Stosh spent all spring and summer planning the massive project and started it in the fall. Coincidence? I think not.
Stosh was accompanied by his significant other who informed me that she has regularly encouraged Stosh to go to hunting camp,but HE chose to stay home and deny her a peaceful weekend. He has assured me that he does in fact know when hunting season is and he will be joining the men this coming fall! Only time will tell!

Roaming Field Reporter Signing out


  1. Stosh the email I have for you you is no good. The same goes for The Former F-trooper known as Toucher! You can contact me at diggity3_4[at]yahoo[dot]com and I can update your account so you can login and defend yourselves!

  2. From the looks of him, He’s been eating well.
    We may have another Trailhugger turning blue on the mountains, trying to get all the way to the barrel .


  3. Now that I think of it…..

    Chip and Stosh would make a great team! Stosh could be his mentor, giving him guidance on woodcraft, navigation, and such!

  4. Is that a duck call sticking out of Stosh’s (Traillhugger’s ) shirt pocket!?!

    I forgot to mention that Stosh’s significant other told me that she got him a shotgun as a gift last year. Could it all be coming together, both have been MIA over the last couple of seasons. Both are displaying similar physical characteristics, ie “extra stuffing” around the mid section. More questions then answers!

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