NEWSFLASH: From sources in the field, it has been reported that Chip acquired a GPS unit it appears, no need to for me lend him mine. At least I won’t get blamed for his next walkabout!

WANTED: Hipboots and waders, for who ever is going to chase Chip to Old Forge!

Ok Chip, a few things:

Good News: I got a new GPS, so if you don’t acquire one before the next venture, you can use my old one.

Bad News: You’ll need to learn how to use it.

Good News: It has LOTS of way-points in it.

Bad News: It will get you within a half-mile of being really, really, lost.

Good News: I placed in it a new way-point last week, just for YOU; the “Fastrac” gas station in Old Forge. (They have hotdogs and batteries there if needed)

Bad News: You’ll run out of batteries way before you get there, and most likely you’ll be wet from crossing more than one South Branch on the way.

Good News: If it’s still the weekend, you can call camp, and we’ll think about sending Spike to get you. (You’ll have to pay for gas, and food for Spike)

Bad News: If it’s Monday, (it’ll prolly be later in the week by the time you get there, if at all) you may need to get a temporary job in Old Forge.

Really-really bad news: If you loose it (the GPS), you might just as well take the “ride” off T-Lake Falls!

Don’t get too excited!

Good News: You won’t have to pay the next weekends camp dues!

5 Replies to “CHIP!!!! UPDATE!!!! NEWSFLASH!!!!”

  1. As of today you have T-minus 68 days before your first Field Exam with said Gps’r! We will have a F-Troop version of a Geocache! First up is we will give you one point, the Quonset Hut, don’t worry it’s not that far. Your goal is to resupply the fridge with beer. You buy the beer, get it to the hut, re-shoot waypoint to update elevation, take picture of you and the beer for proof, and make it out before the weekend is over! Are you up to this challenge?

  2. Im up for said challenge? I just might even plant some flowers at said hut to give it a little home feeling.

  3. Leaddog

    I’m also having trouble loading the map that you sent me the link to onto my GPS. I’m also waiting for Digger to return my email to see when he is available for tech support and i plan on making payment for his time. On said price we have discussed in previous email

  4. NEWS UPDATE !!!

    I have figured out how to get that map on after much swearing and staying up late i finally got it to load onto my GPS. Now i just have to figure out how to work said GPS unit.

  5. Just saw your reply, glad you got it going!

    Bring it to the hike, we’ll have a workshop! I’ll try to put Basecamp on a craptop, hopefully Digger may already have done so.

    Tech support can be very expensive, you should consider an “extended support plan” for a onetime nominal fee. We’ll discuss the details! 😉

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