Work Week End 2010

From your Den Ma Ma–Be ready to work

hard. I already have one tree job. Just a

take down & cut into 4 or 8 ft pieces. No limbing.

You Rangers already know where your

going. You can wave to Gitchygoomy as we

pass by. Chain saws, gas & oil and good boots

required.   See you in camp.


2 Replies to “Work Week End 2010”

  1. Well it’s about time! The Den MaMa has finally posted on our site! What an honor! Now how about writing that dribble for the about page that I have been waiting for!?!

  2. I thought we were going to the play at Proctors instead? Trailhugger’s got the wine already….We can borrow someones Volvo….

    My feet hurt…my saws broken…I don’t like bugs.

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