All in a days work!

Sources close to the situation confirm that a member of the esteemed F-Troop hunting club did in fact go to the Metcalf Chain of Lakes yesterday on “official NYS DEC business”. While the details of the excursion remain scarce, photographic proof has been leaked. While the member in question does not appear in any of the said photos, we still know who you are. Since this was not a FAMHC sanctioned event, no badges will be awarded. In fact fines may be imposed since said member cheated his way to the Metcalf’s by taking the easy way in and also a canoe may have been used without a permit!

Exhibit 1a:
[nggallery id=4]

Exhibit 1b: A Email from the accused-

Metcalf, west end. That’s two nicks on the card!

Wilmurt to Rock (canoe) to Farmers Vly to Lake…10.3 miles on GPS….lovely day! Even got overtime……

Pix’s to follow….tomorrow

You better get ready for hunting….I am!!!

Metcalf’s while on Overtime!
You better get ready for season long Dish Duty!


3 Replies to “All in a days work!”

  1. Jeez…that was leaked faster than those war documents from Afghanistan..and I trusted you! 😉

    YES…guilty as charged! I’ll do dishes…you can cook breakfast and dinners…

    Said vessel was indeed authorized and float-worthy, I was Der Capi’tan. arrgh!

    Raven’s going to be disappointed in his upcoming “solo” adventure!

  2. Since you were lacking in the picture description…

    First two..Big Rock Lake
    Second two: Farmers Vly
    Last four: The Lake…..

    OK I just noticed you tagged them…

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