Select crew makes target!
Enjoys moose steak sandwiches on shore of secret destination!
16 miles round trip!
Photo’s to follow, stay tuned for details!

**Update** Photo’s are on flickr for now:
Metcalf 2010

I will add them to the site tonight or tomorrow, but I want to do a update before I upload them. I got the photo’s from Probie to add as well. I also added a few video clips that I took, they aren’t the best but they will do until I get Probie’s. His I am sure will be better than mine. Video’s are below:


  1. WHoo WHoo! I’m finally in to make a post. Is there a post badge? There should be. I’ve got the Metcalf grill all cleaned up for the next hike. My video clips are to big to email so digger is trying to get me a work around. If not, I can mail a DVD. There is a nice video of Robba fishing in a snow storm. Did someone say beer?

  2. Probie! What the hell is the matter with you? Don’t you know the first rule of “Pickin”? Your not supposed to clean that stuff. It’s an antique! You may have just cleaned all the value off of it. 🙂

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