Buy American

Buy American and spend your time watching your truck being repaired. If your lucky, it’ll still be under warentee when it falls apart. My last ford, in addition to 4 recalls had the wrong computer in it. I never knew if I was doing 45 or 60 MPH. Had to replace the left front axle seal, the right rear axle seal  and both front calipers before it had 30 k on it.  Almost forgot the gas tank sprung a leak at 12k. Ford did fix this– Yea!!  The truck was 4 years old when Berni said something wrong on the way to Warrens.  Odometer said it was 200 miles to Warrens.  Ford would’nt fix. Said, Had to draw the line somewhere.  Almost forgot–Picked up this beautifil piece of crap at 1 PM in the afternoon, took it home, kind a wiped it down so I could show it off at the rod & gun club meeting that nite. Backed out of my garage at 7 PM (now dark), pulled on the headlights—NO LIGHTS. The dealer forgot to check this item when they inspected the truck. I got it back, 5 days later with a new headlight switch. Only now the high beams were pointing in the tree tops. I adjusted them myself.—  Go Ford.

At least I can see what I’m hitting at nite with my Tundra


PS Ask Steve about the computer in his Chevy.

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  1. Digger–How do I get the rest of the post in the main one. I edit’d it but Where is the edit. Had more to add.
    Screwd up site. I cant see what I’m typing in a post behind all that mumbo jumbo to the right.

  2. Sort of like keeping your truck in the barn for 5 years and it rotted out from underneath you!

    The New Jap motto: “Getting even for Hiroshima, one carload at a time!”

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