Polecat in the News

Leaddog has spotted a news article which quotes our Den MaMa. The article is about concerns area sportsman have about about some current deer harvesting regulations. Our Den MaMa was quoted saying this:

“They are so lazy, they won’t even run in the yards,” said Saratoga County Council Fish and Game Clubs representative Ron Rybicki, who attended the meeting.

You can read the full article here:
This is a subject that will be debated for awhile I’m sure. Maybe we could get Polecat to spread a little knowledge on OUR site every once in awhile. IF HE EVER POST SOMETHING!
We are still waiting for him to write the history of F-Troop. He has time to post on ilsnow.com,(yes, we see that Den MaMa) but not on our site. That hurts Polecat!

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