Leaddog goes Snowshoeing!

Moose Print in the Snow

Moose Print II

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Leaddog recently sent me some photo’s of his latest snowshoe adventure. I posted the said photos on Flickr, you can view the slideshow here:


This was my response to his email:

That was clearly a imprint YOU made in the snow while YOU took a “break” , Brah. You made the tracks in the snow with your cute ski pole/snowshoeing stick. I saw the pictures. I think I even saw some wine you spilled in the snow, unless you were making snowcones.

Need I say more.

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  1. It was like this:

    Since NO ONE wants to shoe with the Leaddog, I was rewarded with this encounter all alone 😉

    At the very tip top of a favorite mountain, not near our Happy hunting Grounds, at 2980′ of a cone summit there were at least a few moose according to our wildlife guy. They’ve been there for some time, no less than 15 beds, with crap everywhere….I guess they “dump” when they get out of a bed. One was “fresh” I know I kicked it out! Thank God it wasn’t hunting season, I can imagine what Stosh would say, “I thaw a mig fir pointer” 🙂

    There was no wine.

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