Region 5 Deer Forecast Quote

I saw this and giggled:

The deer population is low and fairly stable, and the unit offers classic Adirondack wilderness hunting for those who are willing to hike or ride horses into the back country.

Remember this when you are on the back of Stay Away looking for that badge Probie! 🙂

Link to the Full Forecast:

2 Replies to “Region 5 Deer Forecast Quote”

  1. So when is Polecat going to get us some horses. Maybe puddle dick can bring some up. Or maybe we can take turns riding on Robba’s back.

    Why do they call it Stay Away Mtn again?

  2. We could build a stable on the New Overflow parking lot during work weekend. Spike could bring up some of his pets. Then we would be all set. Think of where we could hunt if we had Horses!

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