Happy Memorial Day

Well the official start of the 2008 camping season is upon us. That means we are that much closer to Hunting season. Click here to watch the seconds fall for yourself. 149 days as of this post. Not that we are counting.

I will do a cable check as I am chasing after those little brookies this weekend. I may even take a ride to the South Branch for further re-con. Plans are in the making for a trip in to fish next weekend. I’ll report back with any findings.


2 Replies to “Happy Memorial Day”

  1. I bet you never make it past the shitter at camp!

    Good luck Digger if you do, and a report will be expected….

    Happy Memorial Day to our Troops, both active, inactive and to those who gave the ultimate….


  2. Bugs were Brutal! I started out were the stream meets the lake on Sunday morning. I found a section of the steps from the second cable all twisted up in the woods. The first cable is in good shape for now but there is a log jam just upstream of it. When that lets loose we might be repairing it. I only made it as far as the dump trucks when I tucked-tail and ran for the safety of my screen room and cooler! I didn’t even take a drive to the south branch. I won’t even go to the first vly until the bugs are gone.
    All in all I got one little brookie and drank alot of beer.


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