Synopsis of the Metcalf Expedition…..!

Leaddog reports:

Arrived at Camp Friday to find Den mama with his stuck truck in the drive way….at the beginning. Forced march ALL the way to camp. Three other badge earners show up…

Saturday morn…Got on trail walking five miles to Jones Brook…Said expeditionary force (FAMAHC) is diverted from original objective, to look for a secret spot. After two hours of looking at the woods, and Leaddog getting run over by a bear. the rain started.

We then decided to have a hot dog roast, and look a little more, council was had and we voted to give it a try again…..soon.

A brisk seven mile walk out was made, back to the truck by dark.

We were within 1.2 miles of the “target” before we went on the futile search….we know the way up.

3 Replies to “Synopsis of the Metcalf Expedition…..!”

  1. Hey Leaddog!!! We should start planning for a Fall Expedition to said Target. Maybe we will make it to the shores this time! 🙂

  2. Hey! finally!

    Let’s do it!

    Went to the Hilton on July 5th…’s been flattened by the snow load. I cleaned it up a bit, but it needs a complete rebuild….I’m bringing Nick and one of his friends (slave labor) to help with such….



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