I can’t believe it is Turkey Day already! That means there are only TWO weekends left in the 2006 Hunting Season. Eat up boys, you will need your strength for this weekend! We are going to get the BIG ONE! I will be up sometime on Friday. Hopefully early enough to hang out with the esteemed Friday Adirondack Men’s Hunting /Hiking Club!


Fifth Weekend is a Success!

Leaddog starts the weekend off on Friday by shooting a 5′ 9″, 175lb(est) Black bear way the hell back in the woods! Trailhugger agrees to buy F-Troop two barrels of the finest brew in exchange for the Bear.

Leaddog's Bear 2006

On Saturday Robba takes a nice 9 point 118 pound buck. Way to go Robba.
Robba's Buck

I will have some more pictures next week.

Opening Weekend!!!

Well boys it is that time of year again. Get yer gear and get up to camp. Den MaMa reports 15 guys are on the books for this weekend. I still haven’t got the Photo Gallery back up yet but it is coming. The www.gotbuck.com site is back in my control and I want a fresh picture of a 2006 buck to put on the site.