2022 Week Four

Leaddog arrives solo, and gets into the woods to the Knolls. Sitting until almost dark, on the egress he stumbles into a stumbling mule due to noise from the creek and dry leaves. Wind was in LD’s favor, so both scare the living daylights out of each other. Said mule had the cadence of a buck, which departed the encounter in fine fashion – as always.
Still solo, Leaddog hits the “Yellow Feather Trail” aka: the Knolls Trail again to recon if anything is about. Up to the Duck hole and out – new rubs are seen that were not there last week. A sit near “The Clearing” until rain develops was done, with nothing to report.
A almost full crew is on hand, sans Toucher and Steven. To the other side by Uber watchers are set, with Leaddog apparently having “the bell”. The south corner is set, and a rather large doe is pushed by Lindy with “something” flying over the hill by Polecat out of site. Leaddog, having the bell and sitting in a “timeout watch” for reasons unknown…all by himself covering the north corner of the mountain, “I am just one man”…..! Polecat meets LD, who returns to camp with watchers and a return to camp drive via the Duck Hole/Liz (ring around the mountain) is performed. As usual – nothing but nice memories by photos is collected.
Half of the Bunny Hill is attacked – and nothing is seen. What gives? Have the coyotes eaten all of the deer? Have the deer eaten all of the deer? Why are we here looking for deer?
Next week – snow is ordered for our tracking pleasure.

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