Spring Hike 2021


Spring Hike will be April 23-25. Bring your own hard shit. Some So Co in camp. As usual-Short Notice due to weather and access on drive way. We are going to find the turn tables on the old logging rail road near Jerseyfield Lake.

You will need good boots, gps, compass, topo maps and what ever satellite pictures Lead Dog can print up.

We drove into camp this past week end up to Lead Dog’s spot. Very mushy by the big rock and at camp park lot. Park at the dump trucks.

No Black flies yet so if we don’t go this week end, we will not go till May 15th, and the black flies and leaves might be out. You dildos that have to stay home for mothers day week end to grin and behave to wifey so you can hunt this season.

Beer will be $1.00 a can–we will pay for chow + what I can extort.

If Sunday looks good, plan on going into Little Pine to look at the yellow markers. If they are faded the forester sez he will refresh them

Your loving Den Ma Ma


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