The gang returns to yet ANOTHER round of road repair, (actually road treatment) to gain access to F Troop’s HQ. The entire length is sanded and finally they crew gets into camp. Once the remainder arrives, off they go to search for what’s left in the woods. “What’s left” are the mules, who apparently left the area of operations. A small local drive is conducted, all meets their intended targets with no results. Ray earns his “yellow trail badge” 🙂 There’s still “one” out there……

All assembles and a hunt of the left side of the creek is in order. Watchers are sent and set, drivers climb to the clouds and some sign is actually seen! Leaddog, who for some reason got to actually go on watch has a mule sneak by him early on. Just out of sight, the mule walks and disappears as they normally do. A recon of the mules tracks results in finding that said mule stopped, and was watching the watcher! Was it “thieved?” Perhaps, as the wind was blowing in the exact direction from the watcher to the mule…..tracks are seen up top, but nothing pushed to anyone.

Here we go again – A Nor’easter has been scheduled by the warmy-changy godz, so all prepares to get the hell off the hill, before yet another pucker-upper ride down the driveway occurs. One week left, more snow is on the ground with more coming. At least there’s beer in the fridge!

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