Toucher and Leaddog battles high winds and flooding waters as they make ingress to the happy hunting grounds. The lake below is flooded and the road washed out to the point where trucks are the only method to get into camp. The dam is at capacity, with it’s owner placing fill to create a berm to handle further flooding. Leaddog finds the Toucher doing driveway duty, and soon joins him in alleviating erosion at work. Ruts and washouts are present, only 4×4’s can make it up the hill. After a few hours of playing roadcrew, both attempt to at least hunt somewhat, and investigate what’s present in the area, only to discover that cable two has been compromised – no ladders to access the crossing as they’ve been wiped out by the waters from the warmy-changy event. A substitute is found, and both make their way to roam the area. Nothing is observed, except for washouts and much stream reconfiguration by nature. Overall 7″ of rain has fallen directly over the local area resulting in a watery mayhem. The remainder of the gang shows up, some stay in the flatland to tend to generators since power was out region wide – and of course at camp. The new camp generator proves invaluable, as it powers everything required to continue the gangs pursuit of happiness.

The gang decides to make a hunt, and clean up and repair the driveway on Sunday. All hunt rather close to camp, but not one mule is seen. Perhaps we need to get vessels and float Piseco Lake and look for swimming mules, and our ladders! All returns back early, and the road repair continues for a few hours. It is decided that Sunday will be devoted to the road, since it’ll be snowing in the very near future. Denmama goes home and retrieves his backhoe and 16′ dump trailer to assist in the repairs, thank God! A mule stake and fish chowder feast is consumed, with copious amounts of adult beverages as usual.

Roadmonkeys* to work! All rise to a nice day, which would have normally been devoted to chasing mules where they’re usually are not present. All spends the remainder of the weekend moving and placing material on the washed out road. Many, many loads of sand/gravel/rocks/boulders are delivered and spread upon the road, making it even better than before. Photos will tell the story from beginning to end……..

*Roadmonkeys – those who back in the logging days of yesteryear were hired to keep the logging roads open and safe to remove logs to the river drive. This was in the days of horse drawn logging, when men were men, and the sheep were scared…. 😉

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