Sandy Ariel

Hobbit’s wife of 53 years,  Robba’s and Marcy’s mom,  and my sister passed away up at their camp Monday morning.  She asked Hobbit to take her up there last Friday probably knowing this might be her last time.  Her heart gave out after a long battle with COPD.

The Piseco EMT’S and the Paramedics actually got her heart beating again about 30 minutes later.  By protocol they had to call for a helo ride to Albany Med where she was taken off life support at 4:42 PM (9/5/16) with her immediate family at her side

At exactly 5 PM the clock above her stopped.  They knew Billy (Stork) had taken her with him up to heaven.  And you know the rest.  (party time)

We will surely miss her at our family gatherings.


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