Five members of the FAMHC (all in good standing) gather at camp to “three inches of partly cloudy” to resume chasing mules across the lands. After getting the camp set, all head to the valley to hunt the hills on both sides of the creek. Polecat, now retaining his membership in the FAMHC based on his earning his CHU goes high on No-name while the rest of the crew assaults the creek bottom lands.

Some track were observed, but nothing fresh enough to get anyone excited. The ensuing lake-effect snows quickly covers any fresh sign, making it impossible to figure out just what is going on. All return to camp to dry out their outsides, and thoroughly wet their insides.


A good turnout results in 15 to hit the hills. A three pronged attack in the back country by specialists resulted in Robba and crew crossing the creek to further explore if the mega-mule of last year is still tearing up telephone pole sized trees. Junior and “Jaws” receives their “Cross the Creek” badge – a true honor for F-troopers Rangers.

Four others climbs the hill and goes over the top to initially meet Robba and company, but since that crew was already out of bounds, the Black Hole was the secondary target. Much sign was observed, but no major rubs as with last year! Even the rogue crew sees little sign on the other side of the creek, but one never knows….

The center attack pair – Polecat and Chip – goes over the hill through Beaver Valley to the Split Rock camp, and sees about the same. Chip promptly skewers his eye on a stick on the way in, but hunts regardless.

The remainder of the gang stays somewhat local, and actually sees some deer! No bucks however.


A big one way push over and under Marsh results in mules being moved! Tracks and scrapes are seen, there’s still more than one buck on this hill, but where? Polecat and his up-top crew sends mules flying about, and two descends through the drivers to the low-crew (Robba and Leaddog) and promptly evacuates the area, after bouncing off Robba.

As the crew heads up the driveway to camp after the hunt it appears that there is one mule that is sticking up his middle hoof to the gang. About 150 yards from the camp, a fresh giant solo track that wasn’t there just two hours ago when the watchers went out to the watches – was present crossing the driveway. This track went INTO the drive where the crew just left. Go figure……

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  1. Well i did Scratch my corneal and bruised my iris. But doc said i should be good enough to hunt by Friday . Either way i was coming up for the festivities of week 5. Lucky i shoot left handed so it wont screw me up too much. We need to find this beast and let him meet some 30-06 friends.

  2. When I drove down the driveway leaving Sunday I saw 2 does. A big one standing in the middle of the snowmobile trail. The other in someone’s backyard nearby. Junior commented that the first deer he has seen this season was only a few yards from his camp, not miles in the woods. I think his next watch is by the gravel pit.

  3. They should be on the critter cam and they probably are. Its they’re uncle with brush on his head that we’re waiting for a picture of. But as I told the toucher. If we hunt Marsh Mtn. they’ll be over on Irondetwat and vise a versa. Our luck aint doing so good and worse yet. We could get a lot of snow today at the camp today.

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