Leaddog arrives to IFR conditions: fog and snrain limits visibility to 75 yds and less. No other Rangers are present to join in the hunt, so a solo Gore-tex laden walk was in order. A s-l-o-w still hunt through the Knolls to the Stump watch was completed, with tracks observed. Polecat shows up, and declares that he’s not joining the hunt. A traverse across Marsh to the first Cable did however result in a backpack full of mushrooms collected which will be added to Saturday’s dinner. A fresh mule would have been nice to add to the recipe! No bears sporting bullet laden bandoleers were seen either……

At least something was brought back to camp!


With a full compliment of Rangers now assembled, an assault on Marsh in the reverse direction was in order. Watchers were placed by vehicle, with a big push starting from camp. Chip goes low and encounters two flags as he approaches his assigned watch. Other mules are pushed from and about the top, as always. All reassembles at the “Annex” to attempt something different. All are dispersed, and as always when all were at the farthest point from anywhere – the lake effect snows start. Visibility was no more than ten feet at times, with new snow creating the “etch-a-sketch” conditions that if a fresh track was seen, the mule in it would be fogging up your scope with it’s breath. No fogging of scopes occurred.


Waking up to 7 degrees, and 25mph winds plus, (do the math for windchill temps):

T(wc) = 35.74 + 0.6215T – 35.75(V^0.16) + 0.4275T(V^0.16)

Where T(wc) is the Wind Chill in degrees F, V is the Wind Speed in MPH, and T is the temperature in degrees F. I don’t think Polecat’s pencils or calculators will perform this function… 😉

The crew has a leisurely breakfast, cleans camp and leaves the hill. Proud wimps we all were! This global warming thing is rearing it’s ugly head again, as now it’s too cold! Please, oh please Al Gore make it stop!

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  1. Pics are posted! Hey polecat you still have to send me the pics you took. You said Derrie showed you how to work the confuser! Prove it! 🙂

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