We finally got the new confuser. I think I logged on  OK ,  We’ll see if this goes.

Still no snow worth riding on but going up to camp this week end anyway. Might get a short ride to the Bow over the mtn via Spy Lake if possible.

Only 2 months left till I call for the real men of F troop to venture into the unknown. I’m getting soft, so any of you mamby pamby douch bags that cant climb can come up Friday nite to par take of the festivities. Cards, Tini’s and of course So Co.

I thought that we should get a cable up over the south branch before one of you sure shots hits one back here and she goes over to the Metcalf. Otherwise you know what we will have to do without a cable. Like the real men of the Wild Bunch do. I do have a spare boat we can drag along just in case. Its down behind the gravel pit and has to be rescued.

For Now—Your Den Ma Ma  the POLECAT

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  1. I would say—add this to the rule #10A not as another rule, maybe as a slogan underneath rule #10A
    Its another good saying that we have heard many times from people who dont know us.

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