NYS Orthoimagery Application

Here is a link to NYS Orthos Online Aerial Imagery for your viewing pleasure. Start studying now Dan! Detail is pretty good when zoomed in, I can see my trailer, the Humphrey House, dump trucks, and the hunting camp.

One thing you don’t see is all the snow that is still on the ground! If you want to get an idea of that check this out “What a difference a year makes!”, posted by the same guy who runs www.ilsnow.com. He is right about the NOAA link, I lost half an hour just like that playing around with all the options and I have no idea what most of them even mean. 🙂

So where are we gonna try to “Troop” this Spring/Summer?

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  1. Nice find Digger! Great detail! Did I see a burnt ring around Ironder-twat?

    The NWS site is the one that my snow survey data goes to….maybe a seminar on what all that crap means is in order!

  2. hey, digger are you on face book…you need to have an f-troop facebook page…just do it! The widows of f-troop will definitely “friend” the page!!!

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