The Shot heard around the Mountain!

Leaddog says:

Looking at the picture of Polecat’s tree on the banner page….it appears that there are TWO holes….is it true?

I put the photo in question above, along with Polecat’s first victim. Upon close examination I have concluded that “said” tree may have been struck more than once. But I only have the one photo of “said” tree and only one good eye, so what do you guys think?

The photo’s above are of lower quality than the originals. Click on the above images to get a closer view.

Hey Polecat! Do you have anything to add in yer defense?

6 Replies to “The Shot heard around the Mountain!”

  1. It appears to me that the standing Beech has TWO bulletto holes administered to it, and the fallen beech branch is that of an exit wound.
    Both also appear to be frustration at work. To bad Denmama can’t hit the deer with the same accuracy. Sorry Denmama I couldn’t resist!

  2. Don’t apologize Trailhugger! DenMaMa never reads/posts/comments! He will never see it anyway! Come to think of it, we haven’t heard from you much either. I know I know, you are a “Business Man”! 🙂

  3. Uh ohhh Trailhugger……If she reads this…. you may be going to visit the site of Polecat’s new “logging job”!!!!


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