Things Are Changing Around Here.

Yes, I know. Finally. I am in the process of cleaning things up around here. I have completed the WP upgrade. Things seem to have gone fine. If you guys have the site bookmarked you may have to update the link. I changed the location. It will prolly change again over the next few days. Just bear with me, I am trying to make navigating this mess I call a website a little more straight forward.
I will be e-mailing everybody to make sure e-mail addresses are valid. So respond, Please! 🙂 If and when you login(except you leaddog) things will look different, the dashboard has been updated! Posting is straight forward, as always. You guys can click everything that you see, don’t worry you can’t break anything. If you guys have any questions or problems with your account just e-mail me, matt(at)diggity21(dot)com and I’ll fix everything!
That’s all for tonight, check back over the next few days for some new stuff.