So I’m confused, am I fined $50.00 or not. If so I need to know so I can go to the bank and get a hundred rolls of pennies. Don’t worry Polecat I’m just kidding. I don’t care if we cut firewood or not I’ll just be glad to beable to see you all again!


I just saw Bernie and his wife over at Best Buy in Crossgates. He is looking great and is feeling well. No more concussion or blood on the brain, and he is wearing a brace of hard plastic. He really does looks okay and said that he is feeling better every day. He’s more pissed about missing half the hunting season than anything else. We talked abit about the rest of the season and thats about all. It was great to see him!!


Way to go Diggity!! A real nice wild Adirondack Whitetail Buck, there ain’t nothing like ’em!!!
However there is a visous rumor that Leaddog held yer hand and put you on the watch. Then he loaded yer rifle and showed ya how to use it. Then he went 100 yds away so’s you wouldn’t git scart and he then shoeed the buck toward ya so you could at least see what one looks like that ain’t hanging off the face of a cliff with yer arms up in it’s gut.
I don’t want to spread that rumor, just reporting on this visousness.