Coming Soon!

I can’t remember what I did this morning, let alone what we did a month ago, BUT: Friday: Leaddog goes solo up top, finds more scrapes and rubs – freshened! During the descent, a bear makes its appearance and disappears just as fast. Minutes behind said bruin, a mule is seen, or at least the color of such. That’s it, nothing more. Saturday: We all hunted, we all saw nothing except for the Pie Whore who saw three does in his watch. Sunday: I believe we hunted one of the bunny hills. I believe the Bunny Hill in question didn’t even have any bunnies on it!


The first round of the FAMHC is attended by the club’s founder, alone – Which wasn’t a bad thing at all! But what’s this? A tree has come down on cable three, stopping the Leaddog in his tracks! Vowing not to have this ruin his day he climbs over the blockage like the Wallenda’s on a tightrope, a sight to see, but only seen by the local wildlife. Leaddog climbs to the Hilton, and now finds that the device to extricate mules from the backcountry is now MIA. It was there just a few weeks ago, so the big bad bear must have taken it to its den as a souvenir, or perhaps Pierre, Antoinette and BoB made a return visit to climb “the peak”?! We’ll have to scour the surrounds to find it….but back to the story. Leaddog immediately observes a rub in the direction of the hunt, only one hundred feet from the Hilton. Then another, and another and….scrapes, another, another and…..12 rubs and 15 scrapes at the end of the hunt – all within 1/3 mile up top. The mega-mule is back! A banner day in the woods, so much mule sign, but no mules…yet!

Now the core crew, sans Steven is assembled and split to drive, crawl and watch once again as last week. Polecat goes high, and finds mules in the same area as last week. Two mules run down the hill with a “third” just out of site doing what mules do – staying just out of site. Minutes later, Toucher and Leaddog down below here’s blowing just 30 yards out in front. Having a cliff to the right, and the mules not bringing climbing gear they head out in front of the two and a chase of sorts begins, and ends as the leaves are now thicker than salt and pepper poured by Spike on our hors D’oeuvres. The hunt continues, the mules head down further and do what they do best – I’m not going to say it again! The forecasted rain arrives right on time, and stays for the remainder of the weekend.

Rain, fog, clouds – rain. The gang now a construction crew is bushwhacked into needed repairs. The water situation is fixed, and the cable repair crew is dispatched, (no Spike not cable TV). A rifle is brought along to ensure no mules will be seen during the repairs, which of course worked as always! Leaddog watched the surrounds, and hunted the hell out of the general work area, yup – that’s how it really was! All leaves the hill, with two vowing to return next Friday to attempt to slay the mega mule of up-yonder!


Nope – almost!
Saturday: The core crew is assembled once again to pound the mountain rock to grains of soil. A rather local hill is targeted, with three drivers sent to push mules to the awaiting crawlers and watchers on the other end. Much sign is observed, scrapes, rubs and other mule related items. Just an hour or so in the drive, one shot is heard in the area of the once tagged “Bloody Bugger” (as Noah Rondeau would call those who haven’t bagged a mule yet). Excitement runs through the two lower watchers as an eternity passes before a report. Probie gets a shot at a mule up high, and a big one at that! His one time chance is over, perhaps. This is the first time this much mule is seen this early, must be the warmy-changy thing! All wind up at the end in the right spots with nothing more to show.

Sunday: The crew now attacks the other local hill, sign once again abounds, as did the mules form the area. All converges to the notch (is this the notch?) to the waiting watchers. A particular situation has occurred, as a semi-council is held by the Toucher and Leaddog. Just how did Probie wind up in a choice Leaddog watch, (that Leaddog hasn’t seen since he shot a mule from it, which is a whole other story); and missed the Saturday mule? So much for the “You’re a driver for the rest of your natural life” as said by the Polecat – problem is, seems like everyone finally bagged a mule! Well sort of we still have Junior to watch the 25 square miles of Happy Hunting Grounds – all by himself! ;-O

The coming Friday is the first FAMHC hunt, which will be a solo event by the Leaddog……yuk-yuk!