Great Snomosexual Migration coming to an end.

Well based on the latest midweek picture, conditions don’t look good for the SnowMoFo’s amongst us. Personally I love the sight of a clear trailer roof! Last weekend we had some camera issues but did get some images of what I’m assuming was the end of this years migration. Fresh tracks lead right past the mock scrape/weather station but the camera didn’t capture them.

Great Snomosexual Migration

Sunday I headed up to Lower basecamp to remove 24″ of warmy-changy from the roof(which resembled F-Troop phase seperated al a mode) and perform routine maintenance on WxFTR1968. Being President’s Day weekend I knew it was peak Snomosexual season and sure enough before I was done shoveling out my watch two came right to me. Several more soon followed but stayed out of view of the camera. Polecat, Robba, and The Toucher accompanied by their Den Mama’s took off for a short loop. While out they were going to do some distance measuring in relation to last years spring hike. Robba will have to report back if said experiment took place.


Leaddog and Toucher (road monkeys) arrive to yet another snowed in road to hell, thanks to more warmy-changy which was on-going at the time of arrival. Both shovels their way in once again, sanding the road for the remainder of the crew. Robba arrives and leave his truck down below, with Probies and…… “Pneumatic-Cat” shows finally, with strict orders for camp-arrest – as dictated by HIS Denmama!
Warmy-Changy is showing its true self, as eight inches pile up on the already present five to eight on the ground. Preliminary camp closure duties are performed, it’s the end boys! Pie-whore promptly gets stuck in the Chevy trap, which led to a trapped Chevy! Pneumatic-Cat and Pie-Whore keeps the fire burning.

Now that the warmy-changy deposit is complete, far away adventures have been snuffed. Stev’n arrives, now in line behind the two trappiezed. The crew gets the remaining vehicles up the hill or back down…. Probie suits up and is ready for the hunt, Leaddog decides it’s way too early to stay in camp and prepare dinner, so he joins Probie in a very local hunt. The two guilt’s the few left in camp, and leaves Pneumatic-Cat, Pie-whore and Spike to grin at each other. The only lifeforms seen were 12 turkeys, which walked right between two other Troopers without notice! And we’re hunting deer? After slogging through almost knee deep snow, the crew gives up and relinquishes the woods to its denizens.

Now to get off the hill! Leaving can be a bit nerve wracking, but no one went over the bank this time. A clean camp was left once again for the upcoming snowmosexual season, which apparently was already underway!

The gang gets bushwacked by Pierre and Antoinette, including BoB in a very far away place.
Soysauce was banned, for one dinner and was returned to its prominent position as a marinade.
Warmy-changy deposits seven (7) inches of rain, directly over the hunting grounds.
The road into camp is washed out by the above…..including the ladder to the cable.
A full day was devoted to a road rebuild by the Road Monkeys – see the photos!
Digger gets the Hong-Kong flu, and misses week three!
A successful Alaskan Adventure was undertaken, five days of hunting!
Mule one is taken, during the Alaskan Adventure!
A collection of Halloween themed balloons was removed from the woods.
Mule two – “The call of the Raven!”
FUber is established.
The gang experiences the worst egress from the hill….ever.
Road repairs and sanding, road repairs and sanding….
Polecat gets the Hong Kong flu from Digger –
Due to the illness he’s now know as the “Pneumatic-Cat”!
Leaddog gets “thieved!”
The gang cleans up after yet another Nor’easter.
The camp made more revenue from FYB than ever.
A user flat rate was established, Pneumatic-Cat was very happy!


The gang returns to yet ANOTHER round of road repair, (actually road treatment) to gain access to F Troop’s HQ. The entire length is sanded and finally they crew gets into camp. Once the remainder arrives, off they go to search for what’s left in the woods. “What’s left” are the mules, who apparently left the area of operations. A small local drive is conducted, all meets their intended targets with no results. Ray earns his “yellow trail badge” 🙂 There’s still “one” out there……

All assembles and a hunt of the left side of the creek is in order. Watchers are sent and set, drivers climb to the clouds and some sign is actually seen! Leaddog, who for some reason got to actually go on watch has a mule sneak by him early on. Just out of sight, the mule walks and disappears as they normally do. A recon of the mules tracks results in finding that said mule stopped, and was watching the watcher! Was it “thieved?” Perhaps, as the wind was blowing in the exact direction from the watcher to the mule…..tracks are seen up top, but nothing pushed to anyone.

Here we go again – A Nor’easter has been scheduled by the warmy-changy godz, so all prepares to get the hell off the hill, before yet another pucker-upper ride down the driveway occurs. One week left, more snow is on the ground with more coming. At least there’s beer in the fridge!