Everyone gets:
One pack of last years hot dogs
One pack of last years hot dog buns
One six pax beer

Everyone brings:
Sleeping Bag

Everyone must:
Go into woods Saturday morning solo starting at points 2.36 miles from each other
Returns from woods Sunday afternoon, at starting point
Go home.

Two Work Week Ends for 2020

Driveway Update: 03/21/2020


After serious discussion with Robba, we will need two work week ends this year or two Spring Hikes. One for the cables over Panther Stream all the way to Bernie’s mystery trail instead of a Spring Hike. Or we fix cables on one Spring Hike date and take a hike on another date.

The regular work week end will be for trail maintenance and cutting of fire wood. I plan to bring logs up from home. We will sell what we dont need. Camp needs the money. A new Shitter is coming or we will have to draw cards to see who digs out the manure and takes it home for their garden. I do not have a garden any more. Robba’s Nancy has a garden and I think Diggers Jen also has one. Any one else can volunteer to take some home as we have a lot of venison in it.

Once the white shit melts and the frost comes out of the drive way, I’ll set the dates. As usual it will have to be short notice due to weather.

You Loving Den MaMa