2018 Spring Hike

****Update 04/22/2018****

Polecat and his Den Mama inspected the driveway this weekend and confirmed that said driveway is still covered in white stuff. Above you will find photographic evidence supporting their findings. Also there is a cute dog!


I walked into camp this past Sunday and measured 8 more inches of the white stuff, bringing the total to 12 to 24 inches still left in the shady spots.  It does’nt look good till at least May unless something happens rather quick with the weather.  Then the drive way will have to thaw so we can drive in.  Unless you tougher guys want to hike in.  This will leave out the sick, lame and lazy though and wont be enough for a screw your buddy game. I’ll keep you posted.  I cant go May 13 (mothers day week end)

Lead Dog found a very old hunting camp he wants to explore. Its 6 miles in from Piseco Village along the Lake Placid Trail towards Spruce Lake.  Bring your hiking boots. Dont worry the trail is well manicured for you mamby pamby dildos.  I’ll bring the year old hot dogs and rolls.  I might buy new rolls as the ones I was going to bring are a little green. The old camp is called Foxey Brown’s Camp.  Its in the hysterical records.


F Troop Is Going To War

We had two deer hanging around the camp.  I seen them on Dec. 17th with about 21″ on the ground.  I wondered why they were still hanging around.

Well the buck is gone  Coyotes got him down by the lake.  Probably this past Saturday. No snow on him and it snowed on Friday.  Must have been several of them as it looks like he put up a fight.  Blood and gore in a 20 ft square area right next to the trail going out on the ice.. He must have shed his horns cause I think he would have horned at least a couple of them.  I cant figure out which way they chased him.  Snow to deep to read the tracks. I found chunks of deer hair over by the old screen house where it looks like they chased him from and bit at him

The hind quarters, lungs, and liver  were gone.  I looked so I was thinking of saving some of the meat for you guys next season. Nice size buck.

Between the bears and coyotes its no wonder we cant find but a few deer here and there.  From now on it WAR.  You didlos better start pulling the trigger on these beasts. I hope the other one gets the hell out of there.


2017 Work Week End


Work week end is September 23 and 24.

Work gloves, chain saws and maybe rain gear is required.  No rain date.

Chow will be burnt chicken, ribs, salad and a baked spud and of course BEER

Spike will float the home fries in his usual crank case oil.

Friday night we will go to the Bow for dinner.   All dildos will be there.

A tin roof is going on the Hooter Hilton and trails cleaned out.

I need a phone call or e-mail asap so I can plan on the chow.

PS I’m thinking of inviting Justin  (the kid who hikes all over our territory with his dog)  Any thoughts ? ?

Your Den Ma Ma


Spring Hike 2017

Dates to be determined by the snow melt for the driveway to thaw. Rain or Shine

I can only go on April 29/30, May 6/7, May 20/21

Robba wants to finish the hooter hilton.  I’ll bring two pieces of aluminum  36″ X 10 ft. from the side wall of my old pool for a permanent roof.  I’ll paint them camo so Raven (Jerry) will be happy if he ever shows up again.

You will eat the dogs of death that I saved from huntin season.  I will buy new rolls.  The rolls from huntin season turned blue.  I could have cut out the blue but there would’nt be enough roll to cover about a half a dog.  Your lucky

I had 4 back straps smoked for snacks.  I sampled a few slices and boy is it good..

Bring your own beer and gin.  I have SoCo in camp and some Jack from huntin season.

The sick lame and lazy are welcome to come and play cards and hang out with the Hobbit and Pie Whore.  You may have to go with the Hobbit for cheese burgers.  The Ox Bow is closed til May 12  for renovations but Haskells down past Nobolsboro will be open. Or I’ll bring some mule to grind up and make your own burgers

Your loving Den Ma Ma


Sandy Ariel

Hobbit’s wife of 53 years,  Robba’s and Marcy’s mom,  and my sister passed away up at their camp Monday morning.  She asked Hobbit to take her up there last Friday probably knowing this might be her last time.  Her heart gave out after a long battle with COPD.

The Piseco EMT’S and the Paramedics actually got her heart beating again about 30 minutes later.  By protocol they had to call for a helo ride to Albany Med where she was taken off life support at 4:42 PM (9/5/16) with her immediate family at her side

At exactly 5 PM the clock above her stopped.  They knew Billy (Stork) had taken her with him up to heaven.  And you know the rest.  (party time)

We will surely miss her at our family gatherings.