Two Work Week Ends for 2020

Driveway Update: 03/21/2020


After serious discussion with Robba, we will need two work week ends this year or two Spring Hikes. One for the cables over Panther Stream all the way to Bernie’s mystery trail instead of a Spring Hike. Or we fix cables on one Spring Hike date and take a hike on another date.

The regular work week end will be for trail maintenance and cutting of fire wood. I plan to bring logs up from home. We will sell what we dont need. Camp needs the money. A new Shitter is coming or we will have to draw cards to see who digs out the manure and takes it home for their garden. I do not have a garden any more. Robba’s Nancy has a garden and I think Diggers Jen also has one. Any one else can volunteer to take some home as we have a lot of venison in it.

Once the white shit melts and the frost comes out of the drive way, I’ll set the dates. As usual it will have to be short notice due to weather.

You Loving Den MaMa


Tobias Wife passed

Well guys
Tobias wife passed last night. He is one of the few original members of F Troop left going back to 1968. Our sincere sympathy goes out to Tom and his family.
I knew Shirl from about 1966 when Tom went into the Marine Corps. She waited for him to come home from Nam as we all knew he would.
Dont know what more to say except God Bless.

Work Week End 2018


Work week end 2018 will be Sept 29 & 30. On Friday the 28th we will convene at the Oxbow for dinner 6 to 7PM or bring your own chow and eat your own shit in camp.  We owe Christie a couple of dinners out as she does not charge us any extra for the beer.  You must tell me now or call me ASAP so I can plan on the chow.

We are broke.  $550 left in our camp fund. No fire wood sales for the past 3 years.  It cost about $350 to run the camp for the 49 days we use it now. ($100 bucks for the Dish and $72 for the phone)  Just so you dildos with the look of fear can check in with the boss.   Beer and chow for the work week end will come to about  $470 to $500 plus the $350 to run the camp  Your looking at about $800 to $850 a season.  I’m cutting back to a austerity budget for the work week end. No toilet paper.  You will use leaves or drag your ass in the creek like the Raven used to.  I might cut back on the booze a little also for nest year.

We’ll talk about this at work week end

You ever loving Den Ma Ma


2018 Spring Hike

****Update 04/22/2018****

Polecat and his Den Mama inspected the driveway this weekend and confirmed that said driveway is still covered in white stuff. Above you will find photographic evidence supporting their findings. Also there is a cute dog!


I walked into camp this past Sunday and measured 8 more inches of the white stuff, bringing the total to 12 to 24 inches still left in the shady spots.  It does’nt look good till at least May unless something happens rather quick with the weather.  Then the drive way will have to thaw so we can drive in.  Unless you tougher guys want to hike in.  This will leave out the sick, lame and lazy though and wont be enough for a screw your buddy game. I’ll keep you posted.  I cant go May 13 (mothers day week end)

Lead Dog found a very old hunting camp he wants to explore. Its 6 miles in from Piseco Village along the Lake Placid Trail towards Spruce Lake.  Bring your hiking boots. Dont worry the trail is well manicured for you mamby pamby dildos.  I’ll bring the year old hot dogs and rolls.  I might buy new rolls as the ones I was going to bring are a little green. The old camp is called Foxey Brown’s Camp.  Its in the hysterical records.