Work Weekend

Every year in the end of September we all get together at camp and get things ready for the coming season. There are chores that Den MaMa spends all year thinking up for us to do. Some take a hike into the Happy Hunting Grounds, some stay back and cut firewood. Which Den MaMa has turned into a semi-lucritive endevor for us. There are advantages to coming to WWE:

  • Dues are cheaper for those who attend (including guests)
  • Learn in advance of all new rules and regulations
  • Semi-Free beer and food
  • It’s Just Fun

WWE is always interesting. Den MaMa always has something new in store for us. Trailhugger is always there awaiting harassment, Spike is there awaiting scraps, and the rest of us are there awaiting BEER. With that said, I will see you guys there.

Click on the link’s below to view photo’s of WWE’s gone by on

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