2008 NYS Hunting Season

The 2008 Hunting season is over. We battled tough weather conditions and increased hunting pressure from outsiders which forced us into uncharted lands towards the end of the season. We still managed to get one bear, get a “look” at two bucks, a few does and a few other bears. All in all we hunted hard and had fun doing it.
Even though we didn’t get a buck in 2008 we did get a few young guys out in the woods. Leaddog brought his son to hunting camp for the first time. Blister’s made it a couple of times, though it was not his first time at least he is still interested in hunting. Lil’ Justin made his annual appearance, tagging along with his father and grandfather. Even though he is too young to hunt he does show th early signs of being an Whitetail addict. By the end of the weekend he was requesting his own radio handle.
The 2009 hunting season is just around the corner boys so start working out now. We will not be skunked again.
The photo’s above are randomly selected the 2008 set from my flickr account, clicking on any of them will take you to my flickr page. I posted a few select 2008 photos on our site here —> 2008 highlights