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I am a proud member of the esteemed hunting camp rightfully named F-Troop. I am also the lazy caretaker of this half developed, outdated site. Don't worry, as always the "update is in progress!"

WWE 2017 Recap


View from the shittr! Half dollar sized flies were a buzzing!

**** Leaddog replace text with recap ASAP! ****

**** UPDATE: Pics from Den Mama added. Still waiting for recap Leaddog! ****
Okay here it is- I’ve been “busy”!

All gathers for the scheduled pre-season work activities and to warn the mules of our presence, and also to determine just how out of shape most of us are!

The low gang stays low, and clears the sides of the driveway of brush and trees to open it up a bit, it’s now “Park Like”! Perhaps Spike can get horses and a carriage and give rides to all, just like in the Big Cityot parks! The high gang climbs and clears the way to the Hilton, which apparently survived last winters onslaught of ice and snow due to the extreme structural engineering upgrades of last year. Someday this outpost will come in handy……

Other low guys clears the path to the Toucher’s area of interest, finally clearing this well used route of pant wetting underbrush. Fire wood is cut and stacked, with Digger receiving copious amounts of summer wood for Ms. Diggity to burn next year! All returns to Saturday nights festivities of cards, adult beverages and constant belittling of each other – ahhh…the love continues!

Sunday’s work consists of the Denmama and Digger (after much whining) clearing out what could be considered as the “Thruway all the way to Buffalo” – or as we call it, Billy’s Watch Trail. So much blowdown was encountered…not!

Toucher and Leaddog performs a QC of the trail to the amber waves of grain, which was cleared the day prior, and cleans up the “Land of Toucher”. Nothing of interest was observed there, at all.

Just a few days more, and it all begins again – which ends just as fast!


Leaddog straps on snowshoes, makes it “All The Way To The Notch!”


Leaddog reports the conditions are very favorable for ‘shoeing, with two plus feet of warmy changy stuff in the lowlands of the Happy Huntin’ grounds.  He did a recon loop of the bunny hill and was aided by a fabulously snipped out trail to the summit. Headed all the way to the notch!, then over the big hump to the treestand and out. No mule tracks were observed, smaller critters were here and there. Coyotes seem to be spending their nights dancing around the ancient ice rock at night. Pics of said expedition are attached.

P.S – If you zoom in on the pic of the burning hollowed out tree you can see all the way through it. Sorta like looking back through the last 8 years of hell and seeing light. Look really close and you will see Trump standing there welcoming you to the other side!



Spring Hike A Success!

We found the bottom of an old boot!

Here’s the link to pics on Flickr  Spring Hike 2016

Ok, I was waiting for Nick to send me more photos before I posted, but anyway…..

12 FToopers gather for the annual spring hike, with the intent to find some poor loggers grave and rob him of his gold tooth. That being said, and the fact that any logger with a gold tooth may have lost it in a poker game, the outlook looked grim to bolster the camp fund with precious metals. The crew hikes up the mountain and down the other side to the playground and area of interest. At the 4 mile mark, the crew splits – sending the Denmama and associated miners in one direction to find treasures of yesteryear. The other crew heads to the shores of a lovely lake to finally launch the “SS Willitfloat”, which in fact did! Not wanting to endanger the main leading elder hunting crew, it decided by counsel to possibly forfeit the youngsters and send them out to test the vessel and be the first to float the waters of interest. Why place those with institutional knowledge of the lands in danger, we can always make more youngster if needed! A recon of the lake was made, with the gang getting their “I found yet another old hunting camp” badge.

All went well with the maritime crew, but what about the “miners at the well” crew? After a march to the well, the prospectors were found as where they should have been, with a fire ready for another wonderful tube steak lunch, which were incidentally this years vintage! Consuming the tube steaks, so we don’t have to eat them in 6 months after yet another refreeze, the results of the mining operation was revealed. It appears that no skulls with gold teeth were found, but a sole from a shoe was unearthed – and thank God no foot bones were in it! Other useless artifacts of yesteryear were found, and left as they were.

A march out to waiting beer and beastloaf resulted in a rebuild of the Hilton V6.0. Follow up construction is required, and a spot to get out of the rain/snow/snrain is almost complete.

A good time was had by all – Yes Dear; by all!


New F-Troop “Award” announced!

Yes, Dear! Award

Yes, Dear! Award

Our faithful Den MAMA has created yet another “award” to be handed out in future seasons. In addition to the original and much coveted “A$$Hole of the Year Award” and the newly created and much loved “F-Troop Ken Doll Award”, we now have the “Yes, Dear! Award”! All one needs to do to be in consideration for this award is to miss but only one minute of any given season due to direct orders from ones better half. If and when you are bestowed with this great honor your mug will be placed in an empty freezer, photographically documented, labeled appropriately and posted online for all to enjoy.

On behalf of our Den MAMA, I would like to present the inaugural “Yes, Dear Award” to Probie for his exceptional ability to, despite earning the required CHU’s to maintain FAMHC status, disappear completely halfway through the season as per directions from the boss! Congratulations Probie! Much deserved!


Spring Hike 2015 – The Tradition Continues!

Pictures are posted on Flickr here F-Troop Spring Hike 2015

I will post them on here soon.

Recap to follow


The tradition has not been broken yet! Five Ftrooper’s shows up to spend the weekend revisiting stories of past hunts and jaunts, and to help in the creation of yet another tale to be placed in the books.

After a night of celebratory festivities, the gang wakes up to cloudy, threatening skies; as well as clouded bloodshot eyeballs. After breakfast and copious amounts of coffee, three Rangers gear up for adventure! Polecat, Leaddog and Digger assembles their backcountry goods and gear (which included GPS’s, radios, water filter), and heads off to the hills for fun and adventure. Pie-Whore and Spike remains at camp, and ventures to a local lake in the interim.

The target was located within the bounds of the holy, and most sacred of hunting grounds of Ftroop. After three hours of climbing and sweating out most of the previous nights consumption of adult beverages, the target was soon obtained – but not before a little precipitation was endured by the three amigos. Not to let a little rain dampen the gangs spirits, the vessel “USS Boo-Boo Kitty” was soon found as it was left, and readied for launch. But not to anyone’s surprise, the commencement of the newly formed Ftroop Navy and Maritime Services was thoroughly dampened by an intervention by the global-climate-changey-warmy-thing.

It rained like hell. With lightening even. In the woods. In the middle of nowhere.

The aluminum vessel was soon converted to a dry, rainproof/lightening attracting shelter, in which the now dampened three huddled under to stay dry, as with the guides of yesteryear did in such situations. They had wooden vessels, we had a metal vessel, in a thunderstorm – what possibly could go wrong?

The rain soon let up, and a fire was built and hotdogs cooked and devoured – which actually tasted good! A recon of the lake was accomplished, and what appeared to be a trout jumped at flies! No fish where harmed during this expedition. The three returns to camp in less than three hours, over five miles – to a waiting fire to cook on, which was extinguished by rain faster than Spike consuming five dozen bloops.

Since no “other” Rangers couldn’t or did not want to attend, a special commemorative badge has been developed and awarded to all attendees, which will be proudly displayed.

2014 Deer And Bear Harvest Reports Available

The numbers are in. The total Deer take for 2014 was 238,672, down 2.0% from 2013. You can find the reports on NYS DEC website by following this link:                                                                             http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/42232.html                               For the WMU we hunt in the number of bucks taken dropped slightly from the 2013 season:



5H        2,191            0.7



5H       2,498              0.8



Every year we joke about it, but it actually happened!

“In udda words, it’s a giant four pointer!”

While browsing the March 6, 2015  Vol. 11, No. 5 issue of NY Outdoor News, which you cheap dildo’s can subscribe to by clicking hereI came across an article about a guy who got a $1200+ fine for illegally shooting a moose last hunting season. You cheap dildo’s can read the article here. In short, an out of state hunter shot and killed a young bull moose in Lewis County last November. He mistook the young bull for a big whitetail buck. The individual turned himself in that same day. What a cityidot! We joke about it, this guy went out and did it.! Hey Chip, don’t be this guy! 🙂